Rug Cleaning

Rugs are often placed around your home as a decorative feature used to brighten the room or tie together the furniture and accessories. However, many rug owners are unaware of the negativities these can bring if the rugs are not cared for properly.

If not cared for properly, rugs can hide all sorts of nasty and potentially unsafe things between the hairs. Hygiene is extremely important, as is the knowledge of how to properly clean your rugs.

True Blue’s organic, eco-friendly cleaning service can help clean your rug properly to improve the overall look and hygiene of your rugs. Our organic and eco-friendly products will help remove dirt, germs, and grime safely and effectively, leaving your rugs looking clean and healthy. Our use of organic and eco-friendly products mean that it will be safe for you and your family, pets and the environment.

It is recommended that you have your rugs cleaned at least once a year to maintain the look and safety of your household.